Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cool Guitar Hero / Karaoke Album

I Just Love My MINDS EYE paper! I made this paper bag Album ove the Mother's Day weekend.
My Mother's Day was nice. It started with my husbent taking my daughter and I to Breakfast, at one of my favorite resturants "Los Avillas Ranchito" in Santa Ana, CA.
The have a really good spread with Posole, Menudo, and many other authentic mexican dises like, chille rayeno, chiken molle, chilaqules, and many more.
After breakfast, I was given the remote control for the entire Day! What a treat! I'ts rare when I get the remote, and even more rare for me to watch T.V. as I don't watch as much as I used to since I've started to scrapbooking. Most of my spare time is spent in my craft room. I don't have any pics in this album yet, I need to spend some time printing them. Never the less my Mothers Day was very nice and relaxing.
This paper bag book was made with only 5 paper bags. I did use alot of double sided MY MINDS EYE paper. I'd say to complete this project I used about 13 sheets of chocolate Brown 12 x 12 Card Stock and About 14 sheets of Double sided MY MINDS EYE Paper. But what the heck,,,,,,that's what I bought it for.... right to use!
I have to admit I have been a paper horder for to long! I am turning over a new leaf this year I vow to use lots of the paper I own! I'm not getting any younger and I can't take it with me when I die so ...I need to use it! so I can buy more of course!
Anyway I hope you like my album. if you have any questions on how I made it leave me a comment. tootles


  1. this is way cute! thanks for sharing :D

  2. Thanks for leaving me a comment, i just figured out how to reply back!

    Have a great day!


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