Monday, April 12, 2010

Moving Funiture, Painting, Demolition, and Yard work! Yuck!

Seems like Progress...........

This weekend, we spend all our time on the back yard triming trees and also the demolition of our out door Gazebo. We installed it when we first moved in 13 years ago and it was a little on the old side with all the years of rain beating it up! We had to break it down.  The stager, (Jerri) will use the masonery stone pad that the Gazebo was sitting on will be used to display some out door patio furniture, on the day of our open house.

The carpet installer came to mesure the for carpet this morning. We plan on replacing the carpet for, all two master bedrooms, the family room, the hall and the stairs.
However, we still have 2 berooms to paint before the carpet comes - and then we can stage after the carpet is installed.

Our staging is going to be this weekend - if we can finish moving all the furniture out into storage and finish all the painting by then. Oherwise we will stage for the open house - for the weekend after next.

All our final room-mate will be moved out by that we can paint his masterbed room.  Yippee!

I also spent some time this weekend going thru some of my moms vintage jewerly and craft items...........and I have cried my eyes out the entire weekend!  It's really becoming very real now.  I also had to go thru my father's things.  I managed to give lot's of the items to my daughter (Stephanie) and my grand daughter's Tori and Ajah.  But it's has been a very emotional rollercoaster this weekene for me.  I still have quite a lot of there items I will be going thru the rest of the week as well as packing up all our personal items, pictures, candles, decor, mirros, dishes, rugs, towels, Pot and Pans, tupperware, All ,my mom's China cabinet pieces
utility closets and I will also have to pack up the Casita.

Our Casita is a small studio apartment with a full Kitchen and bath - it's about 600 square feet, and we used to use it as our entertainment room.

My Hubby and friends and my self are hugh Karaoke singers and movie buffs so set up our 70 inch wide screen T.V. in there and made it our little rec-room.  We also rented it out for a little while 2 years ago to one of our friends.  And it's where my daughter lived for a year - when she and hubby and grand kids moved from Las Vegas just recently.  Also when we first bought the house in 1996  and my mom passed away - I had my father living with us.  He passed away in the casita in 2003.

We have had so many birthday party's and baby showers, and pool parties, and reception's in this home.  So many wonderful times....

All those memories have flooded my mind all this week.  However, we must push on!

Thanks again to everyone - and all you comments.

I'll post again in the next few days.

My warmest hugs to all.  : )


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Still lots of work ahead!

I have had some emotional up's and down's this week.  One the up's We have selected the best Realator in our Nieghborhood.  We just saw an ad in our local paper that all of her listings for the last 3 months have sold in 1 - 2 weeks time!  This is fantastic news - but Bitter sweet for me!  Each day I have a break down and feel the sadness of the day we will actually leave.  :(
On Friday April 10th we have selected and signed with our Realator Her Name is Susan Surastri and we have also spoke to our stager Jerri.

We still have lots of painting and funiture moving to do now. We also need to pack up most of our personal items and send everything to storage.

Carpet guy will be here to mesure on Monday morning and Hopefully our room-mate will be moved out of the downstairs Master Bedroom by this weekend,,,, so that we can paint his room before they install the new carpet.
Well that's all for now.
Love and miss you guys
No more computer after today : (
HUGS and bye for now

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

BUSY, Busy Busy!

Hi everyone,

I have been busy -er (?) than I ever want to be again in my life - Packin up my room!  I had no idea I had so much Sh_ _! hehehe

But I'm almost done and my computer will be disconected very soon so that we can stage my craftroom as a bedroom : ( for when we put the house for sale in 1 week! Yikes!

We have installed crown molding throughout the house and painted every room - we will be getting new carpet next week also!

We are hoping for a fast sale - all the nicer homes in our area are being gobbled up right now, which is a good sign. Most are being sold in just 1 week of being listed.

I hope we are just as lucky!

I guess it's because of President O'Bama's TAX insentive for first time buyers. That will end on April 30th, which is why we are in such a rush to finish all the upgrades and get our home on the market soon before the month ends. So that maybe we will sell quickly and maybe even get a bidding war going on, which has been happening in our area. 
I hope to do a video of my empty craft room - if I have the time.  But no promises, there is still lots left to do!
Thanks again to Trisha, Velma, DeraLynn, Jo, Karine, and Oh my gosh! I forgot the other lovely Ladies name who just recently sent me packages, and they are all packed up now :(  I did open them.....No video : (  I'm so very sorry........ I just could not find the time!  I loved everything!  And I will be sending out goodies to all of you once I'm settled!
Easter was not very good for me,,,,,,I guess with all that is going on right now - I have been very stressed and I was in bed for 2 days with a horrible Migraine.  But I slept most of the time and it's gone now. 
Well I guess that is all for now ladies.
Oh!  thank you everyone for all your sweet comments!  I miss speaking to all of you.  :  (
My computer will be disconected in a couple of days so that we can stage my craft room as a bedroom for the open house in just one week!  Yikes!  So I will not be able to answer you very quickly - as I will only be able to use my friends computer every so often to post updates on our progress :  ( 
So for now, I love and miss speaking to you all very much!  And I hope our house sells fast so that we can get settled soon.
HUGS Rosanne

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