Monday, July 26, 2010

Some PICS of the Possible "FLIP HOME"

Needs work but will be FUN!


Almost time to move in I hope!

Hello everyone!

First of all a very special thank you to all my new "You-Tube" subscribers!!
I can't believe that I almost have 2000!!!!!! subscribers in under a year of being on You Tube!
I wanted to do a YT Candy when I hit 1000 subs and then we moved - so once I get settled I will need to do a really LOADED and special Candy with lots of finds from my new Hobby Lobby! hehehehehe stay tuned.
roxycar11 - YOU TUBE Channel

Thank you to all of you very special ladies who have been so very thoughtful to send all the letters, cards, and stress realiving novelties that make me laugh and really help to keep my spirits lifted!  I can't tell you how special you all are to think of me...and be my support!  It's so good to know you have people who really care about you - you all have really helped me get through all the feelings of "did we do the right thing" You have all helped me so much.  Thank you!  Love ya! Big HUGS!

So what's going these days?  So glad you asked...hehhehe

We still have not formally heard that we have got the house from the BANK yet!!!! ( "SHORT SALE")...............We have seen a "OFF THE MARKET" notation when you search for it on-line ----but we have not been told that we are under contracted yet!!!!!
Yesterday we went to the house and spent the entire day there---My hubby was measuring for carpets and windows - also assessing all the additional expenditures we will encore once we take ownership......remember this is the house that we will need to do some work on it before we actually move in.  Then we will update the kitchen and all three (3) bathrooms, add new floors, and finish custom closets, and new counter tops.

I have a a before video - but I can't upload it with my hubby's laptop so I will,,,as soon as I am able.  I also have some other vids I want to upload but they will have to wait.

So once we get the house,,,, we will still live in the RV for another month or so..... till we do all the repairs to the floors,  KITCHEN, & Bathrooms,,,,, so that we can at least function while all the other upgrading is being done......

Remember we are going to "FLIP" this house so it's not the Dream home yet!!!! 

We still will need to paint all the rooms and update all the fixtures...This house has a basement so we will also need to finish the basement,,,,,re-do the stairs, carpet, installation, drywall, paint, cabinets, etc.

The cool thing (to be) craft room  has a cool little closet,,,, and it's own bathroom with a very cute little enclosed shelf ---that is screaming for all my painting goodies to jump in and make themselves comfy!  hehehehe
This room is about the same size as my former craft room, with the exception that I have my own dedicated bathroom and the closet is square vs. the std. long bedroom closet.  It will do thou.

Also we will have 2 extra rooms tha will be gest rooms (for those of you who have said -your coming  to visit)

Last week we saw a pretty cute (manufactured home) - move-in ready!!!---on an acre and a half,,,,,, but there was no fence or garage! OUT HERE you need them!!! And they would have been a bit pricy.... it has been hailing off an on lately----and you really need to have your vehicles indoors for the winter so they don't get to weather beat.  So to build a garage for the 32 foot RV, and my Mercedes, and my hubby's Truck,,, would cost a small fortune.  Then if we ever wanted to sell ------- we have heard that Manufactured homes - don't have a very good resale value. 
This home was also also about 12 miles out of town with a beautiful Mountain range for a back yard backdrop!----- that means 12 miles away from Hobby Lobby and 16 miles away from Micheal's,,,,and grocery shopping and just shopping in general would not be fun, with everything so far away....(that just won't due!!!)  I like rule but not BFE!!!  hehehehehe

Other news
  • We have made some friends with the local RV'ers that are actually living here,, at the RV camp site we are in now Called the "Foot of the Rockies"  On Cimmaron and 8th street ----(For my new local craft Sistas/Friends who have contacted me
  • This weekend -  we BBQ'd and sang songs around a campfire, with new friends  (one of our new friends plays the guitar and sings. 
  • (I have some new Karaoke friends now) I can't wait......
  • Karaoke Party, my house ---once we are settled!!!! Yipee!

  • We have eaten so much great BBQ- it seems that- there is a BBQ restaurant on every other corner....and they are all great!!!

  • Last week we drove to CRIPPLE CREEK  (old minning town) - Wow! what a great town!! The entire town is a mini Casino!!!!   Las Vegas WHO?  I will never need to go there again....... ever!!!  hehehehe also the good thing about CRIPPLE CREEK - is that it's only,18 short miles away!

  • We also visited "DIVIDE" (also another small city in the mountains) near Cripple Creek.  We almost thought about buying a home would be like living in Big Bear with a Walmart .....I suppose. (for all my cali friends back home who are familiar)

  • Any way lot's has happened and today we are going to another Place in the local mountains called Seven Falls.

  • We also hope to visit the Royal Gorge soon also...... (all these areas are with in 20 miles- and they are all just beautiful)

  • We have had lots of fun sight seeing and camping ---but I am so ready to plant my feet for awhile and get crafting!  I really miss everyone!!!!!

Well I'm rambling and I really need to take a shower so we can go....

Sorry I haven't called you yet Kat, It seems we are always on the road or getting ready to get on the road.......and I really haven't been in one place long enough to spend some time on the phone.....I have so much to tell you.....

Please send everyone at Sunday Stampers my regards and please update them to my status at the next meeting and give everyone my contact info. (Posted at the right of my blog)
  I miss all of you very much and I'm seriously having, Sunday Stampers withdraws!!!!!

We'll talk soon though!  Love ya

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and Miss all of you Sooooooooo very much!


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My Family
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