Saturday, October 30, 2010

When will it end??? Hehehehe

Hello Lovely's

I miss you, I miss you, I miss you so very much!!!!!
I don't think that I have ever camped out for 5 months before....hehe - you would think that you would never get tired of living day to day with no responsibility of a job, or kids,  or errands, or even house work, for petes sakes.  I never thought I would say this but.......I miss it all!!!!

Thank God Hubby doesnt read the Blog cuz I would never want him to know I miss house work!  hehehehee.

Status on the House....

After the partial Drywall, Mudding, Texture, Primer, and Paint has been installed.  We were ready to start on the bathrooms - in the main bathroom, we discovered when we were pulling up the old vinyl floor, we found some water damage.  Now we have to demo the floor and lay down new baseboard flooring, before the new tile can go in.

At the same time I will begin designing the Kitchen.

Windows were installed today, except for one - that was ordered incorrectly - so we now add 2 more weeks till the new corrected size window  is ordered and installed.  

Next on the adjenda of things to finsh are the Bathrooms, floors, new fixtures, cabinets,  sink, lighting. 

We also now have to change out all the electrical outlets and light swithes on the wall with new ones.  The previous ones were all painted with the old wall color.     Augh! 


In the meantime we will finish the drywall, mudding, texturing, primering, and painting around the newly installed windows.  Next we will need to install decorative trim around all the windows.

And complete all painting of ceilings and walls this week!

It's starting to look like a real house.  Now that most of the walls are covered and painted and the windows are in. 
We are also still working on the small shed in the back of the house.....  Which will soon be the new guest house. (Casita) 
It to, is being insulated, drywalled, textured, primered, painted, and new flooring. 
We will also build a small deck around the outside of the front door, down the line...........I almost want to make it my craftroom......  The down fall to that is, there is no bathroom - so if I were to be crafting till 3:00am in the morning (typical for me) I would have to go outside in the dark or cold to get back into the house just to use the powder room.  Not good with the Bears lurking about.  :) 

The weather - Thank God has been fairly mild so far.  Today the temp is a cool 60 degrees.  About 4 days ago we woke up to a very light dusting of snow.  It was beautiful so see snow falling in the trees.  Luckly it melted the minute it hit the ground.  And it only snowed for about an hour....just a small taste of what is to come very soon.  
Our nights drop around 40 degrees.  Except for the other night, when we hit a very chilling 30 degrees.

Still we have been blessed with the weather during all the renovating.  Usually every year - this time of year, there is snow on the ground before Halloween.  God is certainly watching over us and keeping the weather barable for us.  It looks like this year, there will be no snow on the ground for Halloween.

Well,,, things are moving along slowly, but surly.........stay tuned, I'll be posting more vids very soon.

Thank you again ladies who have sent me goodies, greetings, and your wonderful coments.  I love you all.  Also thank you all who keep me in your prayers and thoughts.  Believe me your all in my thoughts daily.

Happy Halloween Everyone! and God Bless!

Miss ya   HUGS   Rosanne

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

We have been on our property for goings on 4 weeks now, and what an adventure it has been!

1st week

Our water comes from a "Well" when we got her it was not working so we had no water........found out that it was wire incorrectly.

Then,,,,, we had some grading done in front of our house so that we could build a "deck" in doing that, we found out that there was a leak under the house.......It was the main line to the septic tanks.

Then once that was fixed we found out the septic tanks had not been emptyed before the sales so we had to do that..

2nd week

My husband and I gutted the entire house.....ceilings, floors, walls, kitchen cabnets, bathrooms, base boards, etc.

3rd week

we have installed a tankless water heater, and a new roof.

This week we have drywall going in.

sorry so short and sweet but we still have a long way to go before the first snow hits in just 3 weeks (before Halloween)

I miss everyone so very much!!!

Stay tuned!

LOTS OF HUGS!!!!!!!!

There is still so much left to do!!

texture walls
paint walls
paint ceiling
base boards
Kitchen cabnetts
Kitchen Appliances
whole house back up generator
front deck
and so so so much more


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