Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Some New Projects

Hello everyone,

I have been really bad about keepin up my blogg. But I'm gonna try to do better.   No promises thou!  All this week Scrubby and I (hubby) have been going back and forth to our storage unit...we are trying to repack some of the damaged boxes in storage so that we can transport them to the house....Yes We have purchase a 12 x 32 foot storage Shed.  That means no more monthly storage rental fee's and we can finaly have all of our belongings nest to us on our Property!  No more driving a half an hour just to get soemthing that we need and we are saving a wapping $300.00 each month!  That leaves me with lots of scrappy dollars to shop with LOL  Just saying...Just think of the goodies I can buy with all those scrappy dollars!  LOL

Anyway October is a busy month for me I have many swaps going on right now at the same time not to mention all the RAK's I have to get caught up on!

It's also my Grandaughter Tori's 15th Birthday month and I'm behind on getting her birthday gift finished!  But I have finally finished it!  It's a baby Grand Piano Jewerly Bos that I made fro chipboard and my own hand drawn pattern.  I hope she likes it.  Please, Please excuse my horribly messay desk!

Her favorite colors are similar to mine...Black and Purple.  I had a great time making this Piano for her and I'm really suprised at how it came out!  I like it!  I drew all the piano keys on whitc cardstock using a ruler to draw them out.  I also used some Martha Stewart Glitter paint that I purchased at Home Depot, I really like those paints!  They are a little pricy but very beautiful and glittery! 

I also found an Antique Crystal Lamp, went out and purchased a shade at Walmart and then altered it... in My craftroom style Moulin Rouge Theme and my favorite colors Red, Purple, Black, Gold : D

Tell me what you think  : D

and leave me a comment : D

much love everyone


My Lamp is not done yet...but it's a good start! LOL


  1. Joyeux anniversaire Tori !!! I love all those projects and suppose Tori love her piano too !!! You are so creative Rosanne, you did a great job ! hugs and kisses from far away. your friend, karine

  2. You do such beautiful work. I was wondering if you would do a tutorial video on how you made a birdcage you briefly showed on one of your "stash" videos. It was black and had beads dangling from the bottom. I'd love to know what you made it out of and how to make it. I know it is from the Tim Holtz birdcage die but yours looked amazing. Please share!!! Thanks. heidi@dicarlo1.com

  3. Thank you so much ladies for your comments!
    Karine your so sweet!
    Heidi I'd be glad to to a tutorial on my You tube will need to wait a bit thou gots lots of of other instore very soon

    hugs rosanne

  4. Yeah!!! I will be so glad to see the birdcage tutorial. I already have the die for it. Keep up the beautiful work. You definitely are a gifted artist with the things you create.

  5. Oh my gosh~ that piano is so beautiful. I love the things you have made. By the way, you look a lot younger than what your age shows. When I saw how old you were on youtube....I was like no way, because you look much younger. Hugs, Francine


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