Mom & Dad

I have been remiss lately and have not been keeping up with my Scrap booking. So I thought in light of the Mothers Day Holiday, I have created two pages, one for my Mom for Mother's Day and one for my Dad for Fathers Day.

Both my parents have passed, My Mom in "96" and My Dad in 2003. My parents lived a full and happy life, they were always entertaining, yet humble and they both always tried to help others. I miss them very much, as I'm an only child and have no siblings around me. It's always been difficult for me to connect with someone.

My Daughter, Son-in -Law, and 3 Grand kids are the fulfiller's of my life now. It's is intersting how God only gives you what you can handle. When my Mom passed away... shortly after, my first two Grandkids were born (Victoria and Lex).

They brought great happiness to our lives after loosing my Mom who meant everything to me! Then when we lost my Dad, our third Grandaughter was born (Ajah). Once again, we had happiness prevail over the never ending sorrow we all expereienced.

When I lost my Dad, the loss was extremley sever. As in my own mind, I now was all alone.

Again, just when you think your life is so filled with trama that you may not overcome. God provides the streangth and happiness to help you sustain and move forward.

So for this Mothers Day, I reflect back on my life, and give thanks, for the endurance and preservirance to cope with the future.

Three years ago, I met some very lovely laddies I now call my dear friends. You will be hearing a lot about them on my blog, as I consider them to be just as special as my family.

I guess you could say they are my extended family.


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