If I didn't have bad luck,,, I'd have not luck at all!

I just got the worst news this morning that the custom furniture I though I was getting for craft room was Demolished and thrown away!

I was sick with hurt and discused when I heard. I can't believe this company trashed a $12,000.00 dollar custom unit!

In my mind it going to be mine...all I had to do was get my husband and son-in-law over there to disassembled it and bring it home...well, they didn't....it's gone.

My son in law works for a property management company and one of the offices was evicted...it just so happens that they were a customer furniture company. They had the most amazing custom built office that was probably one of their show pieces that was left behind ,,,I was going to be the proud new owner and I was getting it for FREE.

This furniture was beautiful and to good to be true....tons of Shelving, Draws, Bookcases and a Beautiful Granit Counter Top! Room for my Computer Printer. I stood Nine feet tall and would have gone around my entire room with orgainzing beauty! All Custom Built. I would never in a million years be able to afford such grander!

I let myself be excited about it! I allowed myself for one moment to dream about having it! I even rehearsed over and over again designing all my scrap booking supplies and rearranging to make sure everything was going to fit just right!

I Kick myself in the ass for letting myself get so excited about it. Because when I heard the news today after reminding the boys for two months every weekend to please go pick it up for me....because I didn't want to lose it! I was sick with hurt! At a loss with disbelif!

They demolished it into millions of pieces and carted it away! I'm just sick about it! And I am surprised at how much it hurt my feeelings. Now that I wont be getting it. I litterally spent this morning,,,,,,morning the loss. I didn't even realize how much I cared about it, until now that its gone.

But.......God works in mysterious ways. I had been waiting for Arlene's video on You Tube about her finishing my Mini Album. I would check every day to see if she had posted her video with news that iIt was finished.

After the News.... I was in my craft room litterally sobing with hurt. I was reading my emails and ssaw your email informing me that you completed my mini album.

Arlene, your mini album video was a spark of Happiness for me today! Thank you!
It was so humbling that a new friend such as your self, could apply so much care and thoughtfullness in your work in creating my mini album for me.

Your efforts and the time you spent are truley appreciated! I'm somewhat of a stranger to you and yet you applied so much care and love in you album for me! Thank you thank you, thank you! from the bottom of my heat, for all the work and time you spent making my mini album special for me!

Your efforts are not unnoticed and your kindness and caring fill my heart with comfort and humility.

I'm so happy to have found so many Talented and Caring woman in this GGS Club!
I'm happy and grateful to be a part of your group!

Thank you Marion for including me in such a great circle of new found friends!

You are all very special to me!

HUGS to you all~


  1. wow, I am sure that was terribly disappointing!! I saw your book on Arlene's vid and saw you had a blog. I so enjoy watching all the GGS vids and you are as talented as all the rest of the group.
    Keep creating your beautiful things!

  2. Ugh Rosanne!!! I'm so sorry about your dream organizer being destroyed!!! I had a lump in my throat reading that because I can just imagine your excitement and your plans! Esp for something that would otherwise be so unaffordable! Why did they say they
    destroyed it??? It would be hard to let go of the anger of that one....for me anyway. But hope you can....not good for your health. Maybe the desk was all laced with formaldehyde or something....a lot of these furniture units do. Seriously. I know I'm just "saying that" but perhaps there's some strange reason that you weren't supposed to get that unit. Can't see around the bend and imagine what....but something good! However....all that being said....I would be so angry & hurt as well! I'm so sorry!

    I can so identify with that feeling of let-down too. For 10 years+ my husband would dangle a new kitchen in front of me....we own a furniture & appliance store so he does a lot of bartering with people....various builders and such. Rug pulled out from under me about 4 times over the years. Finally....about 3 years ago, he had a sure thing. The guy came & ripped out all my cupboards, ripped out a WALL AND LEFT ME A 2X2 foot place to prepare my food, put dishes & such. (it made me wash up right away was the good thing!). Anyhoo....this man had a Series of Unfortunate Events and it went on the hanger for 2 years!!! I would have rather he left my old kitchen intact than have to live like that. I love to bake too....so it was sooooo aggravating. Not to mention the shimmying thru the living room because much of the kitchen....in the living room. My poor hubby! I was nice most of the time, but occasionally, I'd just get so frustrated....but here he was doing this all for me and then I'd feel so guilty when I got frustrated and uh, "not so nice" about it! Poor guy! I refused to make him any homemade chocolate chip cookies the whole time the kitchen was ripped up. I'm so mean. I'd buy the Nestle heat-em-ups!

    But the same thing for me with the kitchen....I'd let myself get all happy about getting a new kitchen and planning, etc....and boom....it would fall thru...then when we did get started....it stopped. Now I'm happy to say, it's pretty well completed....and really pretty....but it was a long time coming! You need to go shop!

  3. Thanks for sharing this technique! I saw that flower was in some of the August kits, but I got little minis. These are neat! So glad you figured out how to make them. What kind of material did you use? Oh...and also love your decorated tools!!! So cute!

  4. HI Roseanne!
    I am truly sorry to hear about this huge loss!
    I think we can all relate in some small manner, BUT this was huge! Oh gosh I hurt for you. Just remember, that if one window closes another window or door of opportunity opens. In your case I am hoping it is a BIG GIGANTIC door!
    But still... so hurtful and painful. I cannot imagine. Sending loving and healing thoughts your way- Joyce


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