I'm going to be MIA for a while : )

Hello everyone,
First of all let me appoligize  for not keeping my blog updated.  I have been extremely busy with going thru 13 years of 2 house holds of stuff. 

My parents have both been gone now for a while and I have not sorted thru their items for years, because I could not bring myself to do it.  Now I have to so... that we can prepare for are move.  : ( 

My husband and I have decided to sell our home and move out of state.  We will be moving to my home state of Colorado. 

This is a bitter sweet for me.  I have always thought that I would stay in my home for ever.. and now that we have decided to sell it I am experiencing so many emotions that I never expected.

I did not realize the deep attatchment I have with this home.  My children and Grandchildren grew up in this home and I will certainly miss it and all the wonderful memories in it  : ( 

My husband has been a city boy all his life.  We have had the conversation over the last 2 years now to sell our home and get out of the city (so to speak).  I have was born in the country and Love the city life.....but I am always happy to try something new.  So......, we have decided that we will need to make this change.

It is going to be a major change in our lives.  Together we will start the new journey for the next part of our lives..... to a slower life. 

We have lots to do.  It's a bitter sweet for me but I am egar to make a change and we have a positive out look for our future.  It's just a little difficult for me - but I am also very excited to see what the future holds : )

So for now I will be MIA for a bit and- I will be deep in boxes preparing for our move and, begin the staging of our home for it's sale. 

Our home will be on the market the first week in April.  I have begun to pack up my craft room  - so I will not be able to do any crafting for a while : ( 

I will try to keep a current post every few days with updates as our new journey begins.

begining today I will not be able to respond to everyones comments as I Limited access to my computer now. 

So for now,,,,,, I love all you guys - and I miss you already! 

I'm kinda excited to see what the future has in store for us and at the same time I'm scared of the unknown...But I do know that GOD has a plan and I have put my faith in his hands.  I know everything will be okay and he will guide us thru the next chapter of our lives.

Thank all of you for being so supportive and sharing all your experiences with me. 

I don't know how I could  have endured without all your positive and kind sentiments to keep me in check!

I have spent the last 4 nights up until 3 AM - recording the last series  of videos that will be posting for awhile.  : D




  1. OMG, Rosanne, I'm going to miss you and your videos. I wish you all the wonderful things that will be going your way. This is very exciting for you and your hubby. Keep smiling and everything will be fine. Take care, big hugs, Friday

  2. Hope the move goes well and look forward to you return!

  3. You are such a sweet, giving person that I know god has great thing heading your way. We are going to miss you!!! God bless you and hubby, you'll be in my prayers.

  4. You are doing what is right for you at this time and that is an admirable thing to do. Best of luck to you and your husband and don't lose your courage, everything will work out the way it is meant to. We will all still be here and we will look forward to your return.

    God bless!


  5. Oh Rosanne, I'm gonna miss you! Have fun on the move! Keep us updated! :)

  6. Your ANGELS are with you Rosanne (MUM, DAD,) and all you whanau (family) that have gone b4 U. Have FAITH, sweetie, this is your calling, to a place they want you to spred your WINGS. U Will do well Rosanne, because you speak from the HEART. I am with you where ever you go, thats what loyal friends are about.

    ArohanuiXOX to you Whanau on your NEW journey

  7. I send you love, peace, and health as you and your husband start anew.


  8. Rosanne !! Hey YOU!! :) big super squeezy hugs!! Even though you have many mixed emotions.. I'm excited for you ...your new adventure in life!! Wow.. I love how you said "but I am always happy to try something new." <--when I read that I just smiled! Everythings going to be great! So, remember, bend them knees when you pick up the scrappy packed boxes... AND we will all be so thrilled for your return! Be safe and enjoy this next step in your journey of life! Hugs Rosanne!
    with a grin,

  9. Hi Roxy. Good luck on your move. I can understand how you feel about packing up your home. I felt the same way when I went from Hawaii to California to Idaho. But, as I look back, it was the best decision I made, but...it was the hardest as well. I hope you look back on this with heartfelt memories. Take care, and big hugs to you. You are one special lady. Carlene aka PinkScrapper99

  10. I can't tell you how sad I feel after your message. But Rosanne, you have to know that if everyone is scared about changes, your future is gonna be full of new things to do, and your next memories will be as much good as all that you have lived in this house. After some birthdays, christmas, etc... in your new house, you will think different. Lot of kisses and hugs from france.


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