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Hello everyone,

Here is the first update.  Monday Hubby got the pins removed from his hand.  He will still need to have lots of theraphy before he is able to move his wrist.  The positive is that all the pain is now gone and he can move his fingers a little.  : )

We had a team of family members over for the last 3 days doing all the tree triming and weed pulling.   The final count was 16 -  50 gallon bags of grass, weeds, and tree branches.  I have never seen so many spiders in my life!  Not to mention the Potatoe Bug that ran accoss the top of my foot!  Eeeek!  We found lots of fire wood. normally we would use it for our outdoor firepit - but there's not time to enjoy a campfire lately. : {

We've also been Painting and adding Crown Molding to our Dinning Room and Kitchen so we can finish the final touches of the wow factor we are striving for, once the house is staged for our open house.  We had a Dark Cranberry Wall Color, on our Dinning room walls, and hubby needed to put 2 coats of primer to cover that puppy up!  I don't think the new home owners would like our, what I like to call, Regal Dinning Room Color.
In order for us to stage our home, we need to have all the walls covered with neutral colors.

Yesturday, I finally got a free moment to go out and purchase some boxes, so that I can begin packing up my room.  : (  I had to buy 16 x 16 cubes, otherwise any bigger than that would be to heavy, once the paper pads start going in.  I even tryed to fill one box with just paper pads......no way is that gonna happen!  Way to heavy!  So, I have to fill each box with 4 paper pads max - then the rest with light weight items.
I'm also taking my rubberstamps off of the wooden blocks to save on the weight of the wood stamps. So I have been spending my evenings doing that.

DeraLynn  - I'm so sorry I have not mailed your bottle yet : (  It will be in the mail tomorrow - look out for it. 
Lana  - Your paper swap will be mailed out tomorrow also.  So sorry it's taken me this long to get it done.
Chelsea  - I have a little surprise comin to you my dear.
Malisa L I have also recieved your package but have not opened it yet
 : ( I plan on doing so in a couple of days. ) Thank you so much!!!
Velma  - Your Birdcages are on thier way, to you " )
Trisha B., Joanne T., Velma G., Anita C.,  Thank you all so much very much for the packages you all sent!  I did recieve them - but I'm so sorry to say I have not had an opportunity to open them :  (   I'm so dying to see what's inside!  Hopefully I will be able to open them in the next day or so.  Thank you so very much again!
Everyone eles I will try to answer all the emails in the next few days, I have not been on line for the last two days - just got on today and saw everyones emails. Signing of now Love and miss everybody!  I feel so lost I don't know what's happening with everyone : (  Hope everyone is fine, healthy and happily scrappin away! 
HUGS to all.  Rosanne


  1. good idea not to pack all the paper pads together =). it sucks to not open those scrap packages. good luck packing and on the open house.

    cHILL GIRL!!!, wait untill U r settled, gosh u USA ChiCKS STRESS, 2 god dame MUCH!!!!.
    WAIT Till things get better and U & hubby and Whanau are in your NEW PLACE!!!
    Take heed!!!
    Chill and let things FLOW.... naturaly
    Love Yah

  3. A big hug to you my friend....


  4. May your easter be filled with love,joy,laughter,peace and light enjoy the rest and new beginnings......

    I saw a little butterfly she danced along my lane, and as she passed my by she fluttered out your name... She said you must not worry she's giving you peace of mind, and as she left she softly spoke "life will be just fine"...As I watched her fly away a feather floated down, for a dove had landed on a tree then glided to the ground...He said he brings a message from Angels up above, he sings a little whistle to fill your heart with love...He wanted me to remind you of his precious little song and if you know someone who needs it then pass this message on ......

    Happy Easter my dear friends love,light and blessings


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