BUSY, Busy Busy!

Hi everyone,

I have been busy -er (?) than I ever want to be again in my life - Packin up my room!  I had no idea I had so much Sh_ _! hehehe

But I'm almost done and my computer will be disconected very soon so that we can stage my craftroom as a bedroom : ( for when we put the house for sale in 1 week! Yikes!

We have installed crown molding throughout the house and painted every room - we will be getting new carpet next week also!

We are hoping for a fast sale - all the nicer homes in our area are being gobbled up right now, which is a good sign. Most are being sold in just 1 week of being listed.

I hope we are just as lucky!

I guess it's because of President O'Bama's TAX insentive for first time buyers. That will end on April 30th, which is why we are in such a rush to finish all the upgrades and get our home on the market soon before the month ends. So that maybe we will sell quickly and maybe even get a bidding war going on, which has been happening in our area. 
I hope to do a video of my empty craft room - if I have the time.  But no promises, there is still lots left to do!
Thanks again to Trisha, Velma, DeraLynn, Jo, Karine, and Oh my gosh! I forgot the other lovely Ladies name who just recently sent me packages, and they are all packed up now :(  I did open them.....No video : (  I'm so very sorry........ I just could not find the time!  I loved everything!  And I will be sending out goodies to all of you once I'm settled!
Easter was not very good for me,,,,,,I guess with all that is going on right now - I have been very stressed and I was in bed for 2 days with a horrible Migraine.  But I slept most of the time and it's gone now. 
Well I guess that is all for now ladies.
Oh!  thank you everyone for all your sweet comments!  I miss speaking to all of you.  :  (
My computer will be disconected in a couple of days so that we can stage my craft room as a bedroom for the open house in just one week!  Yikes!  So I will not be able to answer you very quickly - as I will only be able to use my friends computer every so often to post updates on our progress :  ( 
So for now, I love and miss speaking to you all very much!  And I hope our house sells fast so that we can get settled soon.
HUGS Rosanne


  1. Miss U already Aunty Rosanne,
    Love to papa and hope his operation has gone well and that he is healing quickly.
    Arohanui XXOXX across the water
    Keep positive and know U are well supportedXX

  2. Hi rosanne!
    I am happy to know that you received my package before moving on. I hope that this sell will be fast : the first day perhaps... hope that this migraine will let you quiet so you will have enough time to do all you have to. kisses

  3. I know its a lil late to be posting comments on here seeing you wont be able to see them right away, but i just wanted to wish you all the best luck on selling ur house fast and gettin moved and settled safely. Cant wait for more videos. My prayers go out to you and ur family on a safe move and many happy years to come!!


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