Still lots of work ahead!

I have had some emotional up's and down's this week.  One the up's We have selected the best Realator in our Nieghborhood.  We just saw an ad in our local paper that all of her listings for the last 3 months have sold in 1 - 2 weeks time!  This is fantastic news - but Bitter sweet for me!  Each day I have a break down and feel the sadness of the day we will actually leave.  :(
On Friday April 10th we have selected and signed with our Realator Her Name is Susan Surastri and we have also spoke to our stager Jerri.

We still have lots of painting and funiture moving to do now. We also need to pack up most of our personal items and send everything to storage.

Carpet guy will be here to mesure on Monday morning and Hopefully our room-mate will be moved out of the downstairs Master Bedroom by this weekend,,,, so that we can paint his room before they install the new carpet.
Well that's all for now.
Love and miss you guys
No more computer after today : (
HUGS and bye for now


  1. Rosanne!I have missed you!Hopefully everything will be in its place soon!Good luck with your house,I know moving house brings up so many emotions and decorating is quite tiring but trust me you'll feel relaxed and relieved when everything is done!
    I send you tons of love...

  2. Hang in there Rosanne! Moving and remodeling is very tough. I did it for 6 months straight! But it is worth the wait. Miss your vids also



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