Almost there :D

Dear Friends,

The termited fasha boards on our house have been replaced and we are ready for the termite tent.

Today we are packing all our food in plastic containers so the we cn have our house termited (Tented) We will need to be out of the house from Thursday till Sunday afternoon.

We have now sold both of our cars - I will not me selling my Mecedes my Daughter will keep it in her garage for two months then the plan is my husband and I will fly back to California to pick it up and drive it back to Colorado.

Once we get there we will live at the Garden of the Gods for about two weeks - taking a well deserved rest.  In about two weeks after we get there will will begin to find a temporary home base.

My husband and I have decided to Flip a couple of houses first before we actually by our new permenant home.  This way we can have enough $$$ to buy our home in full and also Pay in CASH. 

So having said this I will have a temporary address for about two weeks.

If anyone would like to contact me my address is

Rosanne Carrillo
General Delievery
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907

I'll update everyone very soon - Miss you all,

HUGS Rosanne


  1. You're going to get so much mail. Great idea flipping houses to pay for your permanent home in cash. Very good idea.

  2. AWWWWWWWWW!!!!! Yes the Post Office will be busy Rosanne, they will have to have a POST BOX bigger enough to take ALL UR FAN MAIL!!!! heheheeehe.
    C U Soon
    Arohanui X :-)J

  3. Oh how busy you must be! Thanks for updating us. I will wait until you are a little more settled and send you something for a housewarming gift. :)

  4. that's great things seem to be going smoothly. thanks for the update =)

  5. yay!!! I'm so happy things are going well :]

  6. I am glad to see things are moving along. I sure do miss your vids can't wait till we get to hear you voice again.

  7. Miss you Sweetie and hoping you and your hubby are healthy and safe...The place you will be staying sounds awesome, so get sme rest and have some fun!.......God Bless you, Love, Velma


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