Escrow closes tomorrow.....

Escrow closes tomorrow!

The all food in all the freezers (3) and refrigerators had to be double bagged and all the food in the pantry's.
We were out of the house for 4 days and an extra day just to make sure all the chemical has cleared.

After getting back in the house we had to wash all bedding and counter tops and all clothing left behind while the house was being tented. 

We then discovered that out motor home has some mechanical issues - GASP!!!! that's gonna be our home and transportation to Colo. - We cannot have any issues!!!

Took the Motor Home to be looked at and found out that the master Processor Computer that runs the entire transmission is bad, and needs to be replaced!!!  How can this be.......Our Motor Home is only a few years old and we only have 7000 miles on it!

Motor home Processor was discontinued and they had to find one that could be repaired....they posted a nationwide search and ......they found only one (1), the next day in New Jersey - shipped it the same day and rebuilt and installed it in (2) days!  God is working overtime to get us to Colorado on Schedule.

We met the new Owners today and had an opportunity to tell them all about the house.  They could not tell us enough - how much they love it and they Promised to take very good care of it!  You see for them this is their Dream Home of what they believe to be the essence of California  Living.  They are from Europe and can't wait to start their new life here in America.  They told us that they were concerned with being able to find a home that would like.......Our home is perfect for them and can't imagine living anywhere else.

We are finishing packing up the barn........the Movers come on Tuesday - Motor Home is now being washed and detailed.   Final walk through will be on Wednesday and we are to be out of the house on Wednesday 26th at 5:00 PM we will spend the night at my daughters home and and begin our Journey on Thursday  GOD willing......

Our plan is to drive as far as we can get during the day and stopping some where in the evening to sleep and get a fresh start the next day in the morning. 
We will be talking our time and enjoying the scenery on the way.

So the next time I post I will post from my new local - Colorado's beautiful "Garden of the Gods"

Thank you everyone for all your comments, emails, and well wishes, Cards and Packages!  And thank all of you...who have follow me on this journey.

love you all, God Bless

HUGS Rosanne


  1. Good luck! It's a nice drive from CA to here!! Be safe :)


  2. almost done. your adventure to colorado is about to begin. have fun!

  3. God Bless you on your way to Colorado Rosanne, and enjoy yourself, take heeps of photo's, I bet you miss scrappin girl, just like we MISS U.
    Aroha XXOO
    J :-)

  4. You and hubby drive safe and let us know when you get there, girl! We miss you!
    Tbear (Teresa)

  5. Hola! I have been following you throughout your journey and I'm at a lose of words. I have not been able to write to you because I just don't know what to say...It just seems you are crazy busy and I'm just in awe of you. I'm glad things have been going well and I miss you at youtube. It's strange without you. Miss you a bunch and love reading your posts on your blog. It's like reading a book. =)
    Con mucho carino, Susi

  6. You should be on your way as I type. You're a strong person sweetie. I pray for your health and safey! Relax and enjoy as you drive to your new Home Land. with love, Velma

  7. God bless you! Have a safe trip!


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