Seems like I have been out of the loop forever

Hello everyone!

I miss all of you very much! 

We have not been able to get our mobile internet running on a regular basis.

So really quick before it gones down again let me update everyone.

We are still living the Motorhome life and camping.

We have made an offer on a home we would like to live in and flip later on down the line.

This home is a 2 story, 4 bedroom, 3 bath, basement, and 25k sq. feet on a 1/2 an acer of land.  It is a "shortSale /Bank owned home.  Basically what tht means is that it's gonna take some time before the bank gets of it's duff to release it into our hands.  (long story  - Short)  On a short sale (which is an oxy morran)  It takes the bank forever to do the paper work in order to sell the property.  I don't know why they call it a short sale cuz it's not!!

Any way we are spending all of our time every singleday looking at properties, not only to maybe live in but to also be potental "FLIPS"

So not much time for crafting!  It's killing me!  Our campsite is 1 block away from a Hobby Lobby and I have yet to step foot inside one!  I have no idea what they look like!  We did not have them in California. 

Let's just say I can't wait till I can See the inside of one!  Heaven help the cashier, she is gonna be tired of scanning all my goodies! hehehehe.

Anyway ladies I miss all of you back home! ,,,,,,  Kat I will call you as soon as I get a chance!
and I miss all of my You TUBE friends!  Love ya and God bless.

HUGS Rosanne


  1. Rosanne!!! I miss you so much!! So glad you are doing good! Since you have been away, I have graduated and am in college now!! yay!!!

  2. It all sounds like a wonderful adventure Rosanne! So nice to hear about it! I'll be praying you get the house that everyone will flip for and flip out over once you've flipped it! lol Take care!...Nancy :o)

  3. good luck on that house. what great discipline not going into Hobby Lobby, lol.

  4. So happy to hear that a new house is in the works! If you want a buddy to go to Hobby Lobby with message me, I'm not far from the one you are taking about :)


  5. Hobby Lobby better watch out Hurricane Roseanne is coming! Hubby better watch out too because you'll fill up that Camper in no time and he'll be riding on the hood because there's no room left. LOL! You'll get the house. We all miss you Roseanne. Good to hear from you girl.

  6. Hi Rosanne,
    I am so happy to read some news. I really hope that you will have the house you want, and that the bank will do the papers quickly. I don't know what is a hobby lobby, but can't wait yo learn more about that. Thank you so much for writing on your blog. Hugs and kisses.

  7. We sooooooo miss you Rosanne. Hope everything works out for you soon. That's got to be frustrating and I know I would be. Well, take care and keep smiling. We'll see you back real soon. I wish I had a HL near me. LOL Huge Hugs, Friday

  8. oh my sweet you need to go to hobby lobby make sure you sign up for there mailing list
    they will send you a 40% coupon every now and then. but you can see there add on line then go. yeye love it.
    hope to see ya back soon.

  9. We are in the process of buying a short sale house too! We've been waiting a little over a month now and our supposed deadline is the 1st. At this point we are pretty sure we're getting the house, but we'd like to get our closing date set sometime this century! *LOL* We'll have to get together after you're settled since your in my neck of the woods now!

  10. Hi Roseanne, OMG I miss you heeps girl, carnt wait for you to get back on Utube, its not the same without you. Well you are gonna have to kick some butt at the bank, I bet you miss scrappin big time???? hehehehe. carnt wait to here wht you get from Hobby Lobby, we dont have them in NZ, but still love to see what yah get. Well take care, and love hearing the updates.
    Your friend of many :-)

  11. I miss you Sweetie...........gotta go in that Hobby Lobby, I've been checking them out on-line with 40% coupons too! I pray you and your hubby are doing well, healthy and safe, and relaxing as you go.........opps ~ are you in Colorado yet? Miss you and big hugs...Love, Velma

  12. I really miss your videos. Hope you back in the loop soon. I know you will enjoy Colorado Springs, we used the spend our vacations there all the time, and it is so beautiful. (and much cooler than Oklahoma weather) Good luck on the house hunt.


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