Aye Caramba!

This is a before pic of our kitchen/living room....don't look like that now, LOL
I will post some pics as soon as the floor is cleared - stay tuned.

Hello all,
Just when you think things are gonna start moving fast..............somebody throws a wrench in the mix.   =+{

Our contractor helper got pneumonia (saying prayers that he gets better soon) so all work is at a stand still till he can recover maybe another week now.

We are almost there, but just can't seem to reach the finish line.....I wanted to do a video this week ,,,,but when I walked around the inside of the house today.....It looks like a war zone!  I started to take a few pictures to post, but when I look at them and the video.......YUK!  I had to give up on that idea.....no way can you even get any idea of how our progress is coming along.  Every single room has tools sprawled out all over every sq. inch of the floor ....in every single room!  Augh!!!!!!

I think I'm starting to reach the end of my patience meter.   I have lots of patience and have always taken pride in saying that I am an extremely patient person.  I'm getting to a place where I am really putting this statement to the ultimate test!  LOL

Anyways,,,,,I have nothing to report right now except the snow is now melting and the days seem to be getting longer and warmer.  Our high temp today was 58 degrees in the Forest.....for us it was a beautiful day.  We even took the sweaters of the doggies today.  hehehe

Miss you all so very, very, very, very much!  Thanks for all you wonderful comments.

tootles and
HUGS Rosanne


  1. We wub u! your contracter will be in my prayers. You are almost there! You can doooo it!

  2. We miss you Rosanne...I will say a prayer for your contrator.. Can't wait for you be back creating again. TFS... Hugs, Friday

  3. I miss u rosanna on youtube, i hope everything goes well and u move in soon and start sharing some love with your amazing yt videos with us ladies :)

  4. Hang in there just a little bit longer Rosanne, it will all be worth the wait! Can't wait till you start recording your vids again to share your creativity. Take care!


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