Tic, Toc, Tic, Toc....wanting to move in already!

I know It hasw been forever since I have updated by blogg.....I'm suprised and very grateful that all of you still stop by and visit me.
I made a snow lady today since it snowed about 6 inches over night .......almost done with the deck, but we stopped a little while to work on the kitchen cabinets which have finally arrived. 
We will soon be in the house. I can't tell you that I am chompin at the bit to get back to crafting!

We have 2 new puppies since Thanksgiving when we visited my daughter in California.  We fly over and picked up my car that we left with my daughter, and then drove back home to Colorado heavy 2 new Boxer puppies.

Once we arrived home we got started on finishing the textured walls and paint.  We also have have the floors done now with hard wood and we have carpeted the bedrooms. 
We have also finished the tile in the Master Bathroom...all windows are done and we have begun to hang the kitchen cabinets.  I will be posting a video on You tube once our progress is a little further along so please keep tuned in.

I have had a little time to craft since some of my lovely friends sent me some care packages to craft with.  I managed to make a Steam Punk Mini...I had so much fun! 

Thank you so very much Rosy for your great package of wonderful goodies.  You are so kind to send me some craft goodies to play with.  I can't tell you how much they saved me from going crazy with out any creativity for so long you are a life saver!  And have touched me so much with your friendship.I will try to post some pics for you.

I Miss everyone you very much!

HUGS Rosanne


  1. Your house looks like a million bucks! It's looking so fantastic Rosanne! I can't wait!

  2. Hi Rosanne! So nice to have an update! I love your little snowlady! Your house is looking great! How sweet of Rosy to send you a parcel so you could make a mini! Love the looks of the mini! The end is near and you'll be back soon! Yay!...Nancy :o)

  3. OH WOW!!!!!! This place is AWESOME, gosh can I come live with you????? love the long deck, gosh you will love it out there in the summer nights, actually it looks nice now when it's snowing, Gosh I bet its cold. It wont be long, and you will have to show us your NEW crafting Studio? TOUR Please.
    Arohanui XX :-)

  4. Sounds like the house is shaping up nicely!! How about this weather we have been having...sunny and 68 one day and the freezing freezing two days later!! Stay warm and post some pictures of those boxer babies!!

  5. Hi Rosanne!!! I sure miss watching your vids on YT. It's great to hear from you!!! I'm glad to hear things are coming along with your house. Your mini album is adorable. TFS. I hope to see you on YT soon. Take Care!!! Much Aloha~ Jessica (aka Puakalehua on YT)

  6. Oh wow, I love this photo. Your house looks like the perfect winter wonderland setting. And your Snowlady is so lovely. Lee xx

  7. Hello Rosanne :]
    I also joined Velma's tag swap for Oct. Thanks for doing such a great job on your tags:]Really love them... I'm subbing to your blog. The mini album above looks great!!

    Here's my blog if you wanna visit :]
    BLOG: http://akimduong.blogspot.com/



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