Finally in the House and moved in ..but still lots to do : (

We are Finally in the house, Thank God!....But we still have lots of work to do,,,,,lots of lose ends.......and a thousand boxes to try to go thru. All our stuff wont fit in this little house. We still have tons of boxes left in our 30 x 40 foot storage unit that we will need to sift thru and get rid of. Love and miss everyone so very much!!! I can't find my computer ....Augh!!!! so hubby is letting me use the laptop but......I had to delete many file in order to upload this video. Trying desperately to find my computer so that I can make a come back....

In the mean time we are still painting doors, and putting in doors that we took out, replacing electric outlets, replacing all the lighting fixtures, still installing base boards in all the rooms and window and door frames, putting up curtains, still working on the master bathroom, hubby went to storage today and you guess it......more boxes

we have been using our secondary appliances from the motor home blener, coffee maker etc.  hopefully we can get the stainless steel appliances soon heheheheh

Anyways lots still going on but at least we are out of the cold RV now and in a warm house.   I just don't know where all our stuff is gonna fit in this little house....and for sure all my craft goodness wont fit....lots will have to stay packed.   I wish I could find my cricut also.  It's one of the important things that are on the MIA list.

Miss everyone so very much!!!!





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