What's been going on?? Well....

Hi everyone,
I'm so sorry that I have not been posting anything on my blog lately...It's difficult when I have to share a computer with Hubby and he uses it most of the time. 
We are desparately trying to find my Monitor and Key board in our storage facility.  You'd think that we would of thought to pack them all together but that just has not been the case.  The good news is that I did find my computer and printer so we are half way there.....hehehe...need less to say that I'm at my wits end!  I really need to get back to the world of craft. 
I have a pretty good supply of scrap goodies set up in my room right now but I'm still missing lots of important things!   Ribbons, I only have White, Blue, and Black...all the other colors are still in boxes in our storage.  I have very few dies......no Cricut or cartridges.  Some colors of card stock.  Some paper pads.  No Metal embelishments what so ever.  No Embossing Powder, no Heating tool....no tags,,,,,,well you get the picture.

I look forward to the day that I'm all set up!

I"ve been making a few Mini's and sending them out to family and some YouTube friends....which has been fun....although a bit challenging with limited supplies.  All in all, I'm at least curving the craft monster in me with the little crafting I have been doing.

So that's all I got for now...just trying to get settle still in our small little home, finishing up the electrical, the painting, the base boards, the lighting and we still have not finished the master bathroom yet!  Augh!  All in it's time I guess.

Love and miss every one....
HUGS   Rosanne


  1. Yeah!! Roseanne I didnt realise you had a blog too!! Silly me. Well Im now a follower too. I love the mini's above. Really gorgeous. Lee xx


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