Finally Finished this Project

For a closer look click on Picture to enlarge

If you have not seen this series of videos on my you tube channel and would like to - I have created this project start to finish.  You are welcome to visit my channel to wat all the videos beginning with "Feather sprays" and ending at "The Plaque"  This was made for a very special friend.... Juliet (1designingdragon) on You TUBE
I hope you love it...I had the best time creating it just for you : D
warm hugs


  1. Wow Rosanne, those are simply amazing!!!

  2. Beautiful job! Thanks so much for the inspiration. Sometimes, after creating so many masculine items, it is fun to get an idea for something pretty! Can't wait to try out a few of your tags :)

  3. I watched your fingers tapping away! The tags are fabulous. Everything homemade, I love it! Hugs my friend, Velma


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