I really love using birds in my projects - I think that secretly I wish I could fly like a bird.  I rememeber having dreams as a little girl when I would fly around my neighborhood and land on the tree tops.....I would sit there for hours watching the people walk by underneath on the sidewalks, never knowing I was sitting on the branches above them just chillin : )
Have you had any dreams of flying?  I hope you enjoy these images, and I'd love to see your projects, should you decide to use them, please let me know.  warm hugs and God Bless


  1. Aww, rosanne !!! Youre too darn cute ;) Thank you for sharing these adorable images ^^ I hope that you´re having a great summer :)
    Hugs Rebecca

  2. What wonderful images Rosanne. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. wonderful images Rosanne. I don't remember having dream of flying, but I would love to do so. Feel the wind on my face and feel free like never before... Have a nice sunday.
    Love and hugs


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