My Scrubby Bought me some beautiful Purple Tulips the other day when we were at Home Depot looking at counter tops.  I have one wall to hold my scrappy candy until we are in our house and I have all my Scrappy candy unpacked so I made a really cute little vignette with the box I'm getting ready to mail out to my secret friend.  I also helped myself to some of the paint stir sticks that Home Depot gives you when you buy their paint.  I panted the sticks with creme and pink paint,,,yes you heard me right, I used Pink.  LOL And then I wrapped my favorite Laces around the sticks so that I could see them and the result of my little Scrappy corner in my room is simply gorgeous! I just had to share it with you.  You can make any little corner beautiful easily with just a few pretty things.  I love the way it looks in my room.  warm hugs everyone. : )
After mailing the gift Box I was blessed with yet another beautiful replacement, and behold all of my favorite colors are once again united : )
warm hugs. Thank you my sweet friend Dee for this beautiful addition to my décor Love you sissy : D

My beautiful Tulips have opened and they are breath taking!


  1. Your tulips are beautiful! Love your lace vignette. Hope all goes well with the painting. I'm excited to see the process of making your new house a home. Hugs, A.


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