Saturday, October 30, 2010

When will it end??? Hehehehe

Hello Lovely's

I miss you, I miss you, I miss you so very much!!!!!
I don't think that I have ever camped out for 5 months before....hehe - you would think that you would never get tired of living day to day with no responsibility of a job, or kids,  or errands, or even house work, for petes sakes.  I never thought I would say this but.......I miss it all!!!!

Thank God Hubby doesnt read the Blog cuz I would never want him to know I miss house work!  hehehehee.

Status on the House....

After the partial Drywall, Mudding, Texture, Primer, and Paint has been installed.  We were ready to start on the bathrooms - in the main bathroom, we discovered when we were pulling up the old vinyl floor, we found some water damage.  Now we have to demo the floor and lay down new baseboard flooring, before the new tile can go in.

At the same time I will begin designing the Kitchen.

Windows were installed today, except for one - that was ordered incorrectly - so we now add 2 more weeks till the new corrected size window  is ordered and installed.  

Next on the adjenda of things to finsh are the Bathrooms, floors, new fixtures, cabinets,  sink, lighting. 

We also now have to change out all the electrical outlets and light swithes on the wall with new ones.  The previous ones were all painted with the old wall color.     Augh! 


In the meantime we will finish the drywall, mudding, texturing, primering, and painting around the newly installed windows.  Next we will need to install decorative trim around all the windows.

And complete all painting of ceilings and walls this week!

It's starting to look like a real house.  Now that most of the walls are covered and painted and the windows are in. 
We are also still working on the small shed in the back of the house.....  Which will soon be the new guest house. (Casita) 
It to, is being insulated, drywalled, textured, primered, painted, and new flooring. 
We will also build a small deck around the outside of the front door, down the line...........I almost want to make it my craftroom......  The down fall to that is, there is no bathroom - so if I were to be crafting till 3:00am in the morning (typical for me) I would have to go outside in the dark or cold to get back into the house just to use the powder room.  Not good with the Bears lurking about.  :) 

The weather - Thank God has been fairly mild so far.  Today the temp is a cool 60 degrees.  About 4 days ago we woke up to a very light dusting of snow.  It was beautiful so see snow falling in the trees.  Luckly it melted the minute it hit the ground.  And it only snowed for about an hour....just a small taste of what is to come very soon.  
Our nights drop around 40 degrees.  Except for the other night, when we hit a very chilling 30 degrees.

Still we have been blessed with the weather during all the renovating.  Usually every year - this time of year, there is snow on the ground before Halloween.  God is certainly watching over us and keeping the weather barable for us.  It looks like this year, there will be no snow on the ground for Halloween.

Well,,, things are moving along slowly, but surly.........stay tuned, I'll be posting more vids very soon.

Thank you again ladies who have sent me goodies, greetings, and your wonderful coments.  I love you all.  Also thank you all who keep me in your prayers and thoughts.  Believe me your all in my thoughts daily.

Happy Halloween Everyone! and God Bless!

Miss ya   HUGS   Rosanne

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

We have been on our property for goings on 4 weeks now, and what an adventure it has been!

1st week

Our water comes from a "Well" when we got her it was not working so we had no water........found out that it was wire incorrectly.

Then,,,,, we had some grading done in front of our house so that we could build a "deck" in doing that, we found out that there was a leak under the house.......It was the main line to the septic tanks.

Then once that was fixed we found out the septic tanks had not been emptyed before the sales so we had to do that..

2nd week

My husband and I gutted the entire house.....ceilings, floors, walls, kitchen cabnets, bathrooms, base boards, etc.

3rd week

we have installed a tankless water heater, and a new roof.

This week we have drywall going in.

sorry so short and sweet but we still have a long way to go before the first snow hits in just 3 weeks (before Halloween)

I miss everyone so very much!!!

Stay tuned!

LOTS OF HUGS!!!!!!!!

There is still so much left to do!!

texture walls
paint walls
paint ceiling
base boards
Kitchen cabnetts
Kitchen Appliances
whole house back up generator
front deck
and so so so much more


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We have a home in Black Forest!!!!!!

We have finally got a home - We bought this one in Black Forest and we are now waiting for it to close.....we are no longer waiting for the short sale home on Prospect anymore!!!!!! We were informed today that we won the bid on this one!!!  YIPEEE!!!!!  I'll have a vid up on YOU TUBE later today.
Our new home is on,,,  just under 1 acre of land.....The house is small but we are planning on expanding - a Master Bedroom, Bath, and Walk-in Closet upstairs on the main level.......and we have also decided to add a full basement.......we are just happy to own and have a home in Black Forest...which was are first pick. We currently have 3 bedrooms and 2 baths - living room, small dinning room and small Kitchen, and Laundry room..........but not for long...hehehehe
Ironically it is located just down the street from the first house in Black Forest that we lost. We hope to  be moved in by the first of next month, and we hope to do all the upgrades right away before the first snow this winter....we'll see if we make it.....winter usually comes in October........
stay tuned HUGS Rosanne

Monday, July 26, 2010

Some PICS of the Possible "FLIP HOME"

Needs work but will be FUN!


Almost time to move in I hope!

Hello everyone!

First of all a very special thank you to all my new "You-Tube" subscribers!!
I can't believe that I almost have 2000!!!!!! subscribers in under a year of being on You Tube!
I wanted to do a YT Candy when I hit 1000 subs and then we moved - so once I get settled I will need to do a really LOADED and special Candy with lots of finds from my new Hobby Lobby! hehehehehe stay tuned.
roxycar11 - YOU TUBE Channel

Thank you to all of you very special ladies who have been so very thoughtful to send all the letters, cards, and stress realiving novelties that make me laugh and really help to keep my spirits lifted!  I can't tell you how special you all are to think of me...and be my support!  It's so good to know you have people who really care about you - you all have really helped me get through all the feelings of "did we do the right thing" You have all helped me so much.  Thank you!  Love ya! Big HUGS!

So what's going these days?  So glad you asked...hehhehe

We still have not formally heard that we have got the house from the BANK yet!!!! ( "SHORT SALE")...............We have seen a "OFF THE MARKET" notation when you search for it on-line ----but we have not been told that we are under contracted yet!!!!!
Yesterday we went to the house and spent the entire day there---My hubby was measuring for carpets and windows - also assessing all the additional expenditures we will encore once we take ownership......remember this is the house that we will need to do some work on it before we actually move in.  Then we will update the kitchen and all three (3) bathrooms, add new floors, and finish custom closets, and new counter tops.

I have a a before video - but I can't upload it with my hubby's laptop so I will,,,as soon as I am able.  I also have some other vids I want to upload but they will have to wait.

So once we get the house,,,, we will still live in the RV for another month or so..... till we do all the repairs to the floors,  KITCHEN, & Bathrooms,,,,, so that we can at least function while all the other upgrading is being done......

Remember we are going to "FLIP" this house so it's not the Dream home yet!!!! 

We still will need to paint all the rooms and update all the fixtures...This house has a basement so we will also need to finish the basement,,,,,re-do the stairs, carpet, installation, drywall, paint, cabinets, etc.

The cool thing (to be) craft room  has a cool little closet,,,, and it's own bathroom with a very cute little enclosed shelf ---that is screaming for all my painting goodies to jump in and make themselves comfy!  hehehehe
This room is about the same size as my former craft room, with the exception that I have my own dedicated bathroom and the closet is square vs. the std. long bedroom closet.  It will do thou.

Also we will have 2 extra rooms tha will be gest rooms (for those of you who have said -your coming  to visit)

Last week we saw a pretty cute (manufactured home) - move-in ready!!!---on an acre and a half,,,,,, but there was no fence or garage! OUT HERE you need them!!! And they would have been a bit pricy.... it has been hailing off an on lately----and you really need to have your vehicles indoors for the winter so they don't get to weather beat.  So to build a garage for the 32 foot RV, and my Mercedes, and my hubby's Truck,,, would cost a small fortune.  Then if we ever wanted to sell ------- we have heard that Manufactured homes - don't have a very good resale value. 
This home was also also about 12 miles out of town with a beautiful Mountain range for a back yard backdrop!----- that means 12 miles away from Hobby Lobby and 16 miles away from Micheal's,,,,and grocery shopping and just shopping in general would not be fun, with everything so far away....(that just won't due!!!)  I like rule but not BFE!!!  hehehehehe

Other news
  • We have made some friends with the local RV'ers that are actually living here,, at the RV camp site we are in now Called the "Foot of the Rockies"  On Cimmaron and 8th street ----(For my new local craft Sistas/Friends who have contacted me
  • This weekend -  we BBQ'd and sang songs around a campfire, with new friends  (one of our new friends plays the guitar and sings. 
  • (I have some new Karaoke friends now) I can't wait......
  • Karaoke Party, my house ---once we are settled!!!! Yipee!

  • We have eaten so much great BBQ- it seems that- there is a BBQ restaurant on every other corner....and they are all great!!!

  • Last week we drove to CRIPPLE CREEK  (old minning town) - Wow! what a great town!! The entire town is a mini Casino!!!!   Las Vegas WHO?  I will never need to go there again....... ever!!!  hehehehe also the good thing about CRIPPLE CREEK - is that it's only,18 short miles away!

  • We also visited "DIVIDE" (also another small city in the mountains) near Cripple Creek.  We almost thought about buying a home would be like living in Big Bear with a Walmart .....I suppose. (for all my cali friends back home who are familiar)

  • Any way lot's has happened and today we are going to another Place in the local mountains called Seven Falls.

  • We also hope to visit the Royal Gorge soon also...... (all these areas are with in 20 miles- and they are all just beautiful)

  • We have had lots of fun sight seeing and camping ---but I am so ready to plant my feet for awhile and get crafting!  I really miss everyone!!!!!

Well I'm rambling and I really need to take a shower so we can go....

Sorry I haven't called you yet Kat, It seems we are always on the road or getting ready to get on the road.......and I really haven't been in one place long enough to spend some time on the phone.....I have so much to tell you.....

Please send everyone at Sunday Stampers my regards and please update them to my status at the next meeting and give everyone my contact info. (Posted at the right of my blog)
  I miss all of you very much and I'm seriously having, Sunday Stampers withdraws!!!!!

We'll talk soon though!  Love ya

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and Miss all of you Sooooooooo very much!


Monday, June 28, 2010

Seems like I have been out of the loop forever

Hello everyone!

I miss all of you very much! 

We have not been able to get our mobile internet running on a regular basis.

So really quick before it gones down again let me update everyone.

We are still living the Motorhome life and camping.

We have made an offer on a home we would like to live in and flip later on down the line.

This home is a 2 story, 4 bedroom, 3 bath, basement, and 25k sq. feet on a 1/2 an acer of land.  It is a "shortSale /Bank owned home.  Basically what tht means is that it's gonna take some time before the bank gets of it's duff to release it into our hands.  (long story  - Short)  On a short sale (which is an oxy morran)  It takes the bank forever to do the paper work in order to sell the property.  I don't know why they call it a short sale cuz it's not!!

Any way we are spending all of our time every singleday looking at properties, not only to maybe live in but to also be potental "FLIPS"

So not much time for crafting!  It's killing me!  Our campsite is 1 block away from a Hobby Lobby and I have yet to step foot inside one!  I have no idea what they look like!  We did not have them in California. 

Let's just say I can't wait till I can See the inside of one!  Heaven help the cashier, she is gonna be tired of scanning all my goodies! hehehehe.

Anyway ladies I miss all of you back home! ,,,,,,  Kat I will call you as soon as I get a chance!
and I miss all of my You TUBE friends!  Love ya and God bless.

HUGS Rosanne

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Escrow closes tomorrow.....

Escrow closes tomorrow!

The all food in all the freezers (3) and refrigerators had to be double bagged and all the food in the pantry's.
We were out of the house for 4 days and an extra day just to make sure all the chemical has cleared.

After getting back in the house we had to wash all bedding and counter tops and all clothing left behind while the house was being tented. 

We then discovered that out motor home has some mechanical issues - GASP!!!! that's gonna be our home and transportation to Colo. - We cannot have any issues!!!

Took the Motor Home to be looked at and found out that the master Processor Computer that runs the entire transmission is bad, and needs to be replaced!!!  How can this be.......Our Motor Home is only a few years old and we only have 7000 miles on it!

Motor home Processor was discontinued and they had to find one that could be repaired....they posted a nationwide search and ......they found only one (1), the next day in New Jersey - shipped it the same day and rebuilt and installed it in (2) days!  God is working overtime to get us to Colorado on Schedule.

We met the new Owners today and had an opportunity to tell them all about the house.  They could not tell us enough - how much they love it and they Promised to take very good care of it!  You see for them this is their Dream Home of what they believe to be the essence of California  Living.  They are from Europe and can't wait to start their new life here in America.  They told us that they were concerned with being able to find a home that would like.......Our home is perfect for them and can't imagine living anywhere else.

We are finishing packing up the barn........the Movers come on Tuesday - Motor Home is now being washed and detailed.   Final walk through will be on Wednesday and we are to be out of the house on Wednesday 26th at 5:00 PM we will spend the night at my daughters home and and begin our Journey on Thursday  GOD willing......

Our plan is to drive as far as we can get during the day and stopping some where in the evening to sleep and get a fresh start the next day in the morning. 
We will be talking our time and enjoying the scenery on the way.

So the next time I post I will post from my new local - Colorado's beautiful "Garden of the Gods"

Thank you everyone for all your comments, emails, and well wishes, Cards and Packages!  And thank all of you...who have follow me on this journey.

love you all, God Bless

HUGS Rosanne

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Almost there :D

Dear Friends,

The termited fasha boards on our house have been replaced and we are ready for the termite tent.

Today we are packing all our food in plastic containers so the we cn have our house termited (Tented) We will need to be out of the house from Thursday till Sunday afternoon.

We have now sold both of our cars - I will not me selling my Mecedes my Daughter will keep it in her garage for two months then the plan is my husband and I will fly back to California to pick it up and drive it back to Colorado.

Once we get there we will live at the Garden of the Gods for about two weeks - taking a well deserved rest.  In about two weeks after we get there will will begin to find a temporary home base.

My husband and I have decided to Flip a couple of houses first before we actually by our new permenant home.  This way we can have enough $$$ to buy our home in full and also Pay in CASH. 

So having said this I will have a temporary address for about two weeks.

If anyone would like to contact me my address is

Rosanne Carrillo
General Delievery
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907

I'll update everyone very soon - Miss you all,

HUGS Rosanne

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Hello Lovelies,

As we sit today We have two cash offers....the first offer that we accepted the day after our First open house and a second one that is now in "Back up status in case the first one falls through,,,,both are Cash offers.  And the second cash offer - had offered our Broker an additional 10K to bump the first Bidder's off the deal and replace them with there over full price offer.  Wow!  If we had waited a day to accept the first offer we may have had a bidding war on our hands :)  But, they are in the backup position now.  We also have a second back up offer waiting also if the first and second offers fall through!  It's just amazing to me  - all that has happened to make the selling of our home so very seem-less... Thank you God!  We are very blessed, especially when so many others are loosing there homes.  God keep them safe!

Yesterday, we went to the Escrow Office to sign the final payout papers.  we only have afew more day in our home before we have to vacate : (   -   Everything has happened so very quickly - God has us on his lap right now - I feel so very blessed!

Today the new Owners will be bringing a contractor by give them estimates on some future additions they will be adding once they move in to there new home.

I went to my local CROP group last night to deliver the news of our home being SOLD - everyone was so so supportive and a little bit stunned that my home ad sold so quickly and that this is really gonna happen this time.

I will miss all of my close friends very much!
I was able to talk with a few of them who where there, Laura, Alma, TJ, Vicky, Kat, Sharon.  I love you guys!  Thank you so much for embracing me with your friendships when I first came to the Pine Cone Press family.  Debra and Walter, who are the owners, Thank you so much for your support and thank you so much for the 8 opportunities to be a featured published  Designer for your magazine.  You have given me so much confidence and acknowledgment, for my design work......Thank you for you friendship and confidence in me, and my work! I hope to do more business with you in the future : )  You will be missed!  As for thest of my dear friends from the Sunday Stampers group I will try to attend my last meeting this month before I leave.

I will update you with more in a couple of days if I can .....Miss all of you so very much! 

HUGS Rosanne

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

God has a plan!

Where can I begin....
Over the last two weeks we have done everything our agent asked us to do - our house was painted, staged, in time for our open house which just happened this last Sunday.  Yesturday we recieved a cash offer for our home and we accepted.  Our home is now in escrow.  We now have only 20 days to pack and be ready for the movers....Everything has happened so fast I simply have no words for what I am feeling - God has helped us every step of the way!  It's a bitter sweet for me and I spent my entire day yesturday in tears as we accepted the the gererous cash offer from the new owners of our home.   The next step now is to select the movers that will transport all of our precious belongings to Colorado Springs. 
For now I'm without to many words...But I do know that God has a Plan.

HUGS Rosanne

Monday, April 12, 2010

Moving Funiture, Painting, Demolition, and Yard work! Yuck!

Seems like Progress...........

This weekend, we spend all our time on the back yard triming trees and also the demolition of our out door Gazebo. We installed it when we first moved in 13 years ago and it was a little on the old side with all the years of rain beating it up! We had to break it down.  The stager, (Jerri) will use the masonery stone pad that the Gazebo was sitting on will be used to display some out door patio furniture, on the day of our open house.

The carpet installer came to mesure the for carpet this morning. We plan on replacing the carpet for, all two master bedrooms, the family room, the hall and the stairs.
However, we still have 2 berooms to paint before the carpet comes - and then we can stage after the carpet is installed.

Our staging is going to be this weekend - if we can finish moving all the furniture out into storage and finish all the painting by then. Oherwise we will stage for the open house - for the weekend after next.

All our final room-mate will be moved out by that we can paint his masterbed room.  Yippee!

I also spent some time this weekend going thru some of my moms vintage jewerly and craft items...........and I have cried my eyes out the entire weekend!  It's really becoming very real now.  I also had to go thru my father's things.  I managed to give lot's of the items to my daughter (Stephanie) and my grand daughter's Tori and Ajah.  But it's has been a very emotional rollercoaster this weekene for me.  I still have quite a lot of there items I will be going thru the rest of the week as well as packing up all our personal items, pictures, candles, decor, mirros, dishes, rugs, towels, Pot and Pans, tupperware, All ,my mom's China cabinet pieces
utility closets and I will also have to pack up the Casita.

Our Casita is a small studio apartment with a full Kitchen and bath - it's about 600 square feet, and we used to use it as our entertainment room.

My Hubby and friends and my self are hugh Karaoke singers and movie buffs so set up our 70 inch wide screen T.V. in there and made it our little rec-room.  We also rented it out for a little while 2 years ago to one of our friends.  And it's where my daughter lived for a year - when she and hubby and grand kids moved from Las Vegas just recently.  Also when we first bought the house in 1996  and my mom passed away - I had my father living with us.  He passed away in the casita in 2003.

We have had so many birthday party's and baby showers, and pool parties, and reception's in this home.  So many wonderful times....

All those memories have flooded my mind all this week.  However, we must push on!

Thanks again to everyone - and all you comments.

I'll post again in the next few days.

My warmest hugs to all.  : )


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Still lots of work ahead!

I have had some emotional up's and down's this week.  One the up's We have selected the best Realator in our Nieghborhood.  We just saw an ad in our local paper that all of her listings for the last 3 months have sold in 1 - 2 weeks time!  This is fantastic news - but Bitter sweet for me!  Each day I have a break down and feel the sadness of the day we will actually leave.  :(
On Friday April 10th we have selected and signed with our Realator Her Name is Susan Surastri and we have also spoke to our stager Jerri.

We still have lots of painting and funiture moving to do now. We also need to pack up most of our personal items and send everything to storage.

Carpet guy will be here to mesure on Monday morning and Hopefully our room-mate will be moved out of the downstairs Master Bedroom by this weekend,,,, so that we can paint his room before they install the new carpet.
Well that's all for now.
Love and miss you guys
No more computer after today : (
HUGS and bye for now

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

BUSY, Busy Busy!

Hi everyone,

I have been busy -er (?) than I ever want to be again in my life - Packin up my room!  I had no idea I had so much Sh_ _! hehehe

But I'm almost done and my computer will be disconected very soon so that we can stage my craftroom as a bedroom : ( for when we put the house for sale in 1 week! Yikes!

We have installed crown molding throughout the house and painted every room - we will be getting new carpet next week also!

We are hoping for a fast sale - all the nicer homes in our area are being gobbled up right now, which is a good sign. Most are being sold in just 1 week of being listed.

I hope we are just as lucky!

I guess it's because of President O'Bama's TAX insentive for first time buyers. That will end on April 30th, which is why we are in such a rush to finish all the upgrades and get our home on the market soon before the month ends. So that maybe we will sell quickly and maybe even get a bidding war going on, which has been happening in our area. 
I hope to do a video of my empty craft room - if I have the time.  But no promises, there is still lots left to do!
Thanks again to Trisha, Velma, DeraLynn, Jo, Karine, and Oh my gosh! I forgot the other lovely Ladies name who just recently sent me packages, and they are all packed up now :(  I did open them.....No video : (  I'm so very sorry........ I just could not find the time!  I loved everything!  And I will be sending out goodies to all of you once I'm settled!
Easter was not very good for me,,,,,,I guess with all that is going on right now - I have been very stressed and I was in bed for 2 days with a horrible Migraine.  But I slept most of the time and it's gone now. 
Well I guess that is all for now ladies.
Oh!  thank you everyone for all your sweet comments!  I miss speaking to all of you.  :  (
My computer will be disconected in a couple of days so that we can stage my craft room as a bedroom for the open house in just one week!  Yikes!  So I will not be able to answer you very quickly - as I will only be able to use my friends computer every so often to post updates on our progress :  ( 
So for now, I love and miss speaking to you all very much!  And I hope our house sells fast so that we can get settled soon.
HUGS Rosanne

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lot's going on!

Hello everyone,

Here is the first update.  Monday Hubby got the pins removed from his hand.  He will still need to have lots of theraphy before he is able to move his wrist.  The positive is that all the pain is now gone and he can move his fingers a little.  : )

We had a team of family members over for the last 3 days doing all the tree triming and weed pulling.   The final count was 16 -  50 gallon bags of grass, weeds, and tree branches.  I have never seen so many spiders in my life!  Not to mention the Potatoe Bug that ran accoss the top of my foot!  Eeeek!  We found lots of fire wood. normally we would use it for our outdoor firepit - but there's not time to enjoy a campfire lately. : {

We've also been Painting and adding Crown Molding to our Dinning Room and Kitchen so we can finish the final touches of the wow factor we are striving for, once the house is staged for our open house.  We had a Dark Cranberry Wall Color, on our Dinning room walls, and hubby needed to put 2 coats of primer to cover that puppy up!  I don't think the new home owners would like our, what I like to call, Regal Dinning Room Color.
In order for us to stage our home, we need to have all the walls covered with neutral colors.

Yesturday, I finally got a free moment to go out and purchase some boxes, so that I can begin packing up my room.  : (  I had to buy 16 x 16 cubes, otherwise any bigger than that would be to heavy, once the paper pads start going in.  I even tryed to fill one box with just paper way is that gonna happen!  Way to heavy!  So, I have to fill each box with 4 paper pads max - then the rest with light weight items.
I'm also taking my rubberstamps off of the wooden blocks to save on the weight of the wood stamps. So I have been spending my evenings doing that.

DeraLynn  - I'm so sorry I have not mailed your bottle yet : (  It will be in the mail tomorrow - look out for it. 
Lana  - Your paper swap will be mailed out tomorrow also.  So sorry it's taken me this long to get it done.
Chelsea  - I have a little surprise comin to you my dear.
Malisa L I have also recieved your package but have not opened it yet
 : ( I plan on doing so in a couple of days. ) Thank you so much!!!
Velma  - Your Birdcages are on thier way, to you " )
Trisha B., Joanne T., Velma G., Anita C.,  Thank you all so much very much for the packages you all sent!  I did recieve them - but I'm so sorry to say I have not had an opportunity to open them :  (   I'm so dying to see what's inside!  Hopefully I will be able to open them in the next day or so.  Thank you so very much again!
Everyone eles I will try to answer all the emails in the next few days, I have not been on line for the last two days - just got on today and saw everyones emails. Signing of now Love and miss everybody!  I feel so lost I don't know what's happening with everyone : (  Hope everyone is fine, healthy and happily scrappin away! 
HUGS to all.  Rosanne

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm going to be MIA for a while : )

Hello everyone,
First of all let me appoligize  for not keeping my blog updated.  I have been extremely busy with going thru 13 years of 2 house holds of stuff. 

My parents have both been gone now for a while and I have not sorted thru their items for years, because I could not bring myself to do it.  Now I have to so... that we can prepare for are move.  : ( 

My husband and I have decided to sell our home and move out of state.  We will be moving to my home state of Colorado. 

This is a bitter sweet for me.  I have always thought that I would stay in my home for ever.. and now that we have decided to sell it I am experiencing so many emotions that I never expected.

I did not realize the deep attatchment I have with this home.  My children and Grandchildren grew up in this home and I will certainly miss it and all the wonderful memories in it  : ( 

My husband has been a city boy all his life.  We have had the conversation over the last 2 years now to sell our home and get out of the city (so to speak).  I have was born in the country and Love the city life.....but I am always happy to try something new.  So......, we have decided that we will need to make this change.

It is going to be a major change in our lives.  Together we will start the new journey for the next part of our lives..... to a slower life. 

We have lots to do.  It's a bitter sweet for me but I am egar to make a change and we have a positive out look for our future.  It's just a little difficult for me - but I am also very excited to see what the future holds : )

So for now I will be MIA for a bit and- I will be deep in boxes preparing for our move and, begin the staging of our home for it's sale. 

Our home will be on the market the first week in April.  I have begun to pack up my craft room  - so I will not be able to do any crafting for a while : ( 

I will try to keep a current post every few days with updates as our new journey begins.

begining today I will not be able to respond to everyones comments as I Limited access to my computer now. 

So for now,,,,,, I love all you guys - and I miss you already! 

I'm kinda excited to see what the future has in store for us and at the same time I'm scared of the unknown...But I do know that GOD has a plan and I have put my faith in his hands.  I know everything will be okay and he will guide us thru the next chapter of our lives.

Thank all of you for being so supportive and sharing all your experiences with me. 

I don't know how I could  have endured without all your positive and kind sentiments to keep me in check!

I have spent the last 4 nights up until 3 AM - recording the last series  of videos that will be posting for awhile.  : D



Friday, January 22, 2010

2 KITS AVAILABLE - 2 Hearts 1 Love - KIT Part 3 of 3

$ 36.00  US
$ 39.00 CANADA

As a Result of sales that fell thru
I have 2 Kits available =if you are interested please contact me at


SOLD OUT! --2 Hearts 1 Love Part 2 of 3

SOLD OUT " 2 Hearts 1 Love KIT " PART 1

Hello everyone, I have finally completed my first Kit of the year.  I hope you like it. 

I really put lots of thought into my graphics for this kit - I wanted them to really be different and eclectic.

Thank you so very much Ladies!
You are all so very Kind!  I'll have a more Kits soon.

HUGS Rosanne

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year Wishes to Everyone!!!

Hi everyone,

I have been sick again!  AUGH!  With my lovely grandkids living with me...I just seem to keep catching the crud!  My family and I had a wonderful Christmas and a very low key New Years since I was sick, we didn't do much.  My days have been packed with family and I'm trying to finish up my 4 Mini's that I have been working on for a couple of weeks.  Tiffanie I'm almost Finished with your Mini! heheheh  "The Diary of a Shop-a-holic" was the theme that she picked.  I picked "Moulin Rouge meets Girly Girl"  Needless to say these Mini are gonna be very cute!!!  I know I have had a great time working on Tiffanie's Mini!!!!  So stay tuned everyone I should be preview-ing it very soon and then I will release my new Mini album Kit shortly after.  Thanks everyone for waiting.

PS Karine (FRANCE - Lutincreations) and Patricia (NEW YORK - coloredsprinkledgirl) your Mini Kits will be in the post tomorrow 

HUGS Rosanne

My Family

My Family
With the Sun in our EYES

A Moms Impressions Policy

A Moms Impressions, is not responsible for packages that are Lost, Stolen, or Damaged in Transit. I will do my best to ensure all kits are secured safely inside your package.

For all US Customers:
A Delivery Confirmation Number can be provided at at your request. You will need to inform me ahead of time, that you want this service. Prior to me shipping your package.

For All International Customers:
A Delivery Confirmation Number can also be provided. However, this will incur an extra fee, which will be at the expense of the buyer. Please inform me that you want this service. Prior to me shipping your package.

A Mom’s Impressions will only hold a kit for 1 business day. Remember I am only creating a set number of Kits. They will be posted on my blog while supplies last. I will pull down the post when they are no longer available. In some cases, I will offer Kits that will have the option to purchase extra items.These Kits will be labeled "Extra Helpings" Look for Kits that display this option. (not all Kits will have an "Extra Helping" Option)

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you all so very much, in advance for your patronage!

I do appreciate all your business.

Thanks for viewing my Blog

I'm still new at this BLOGG Stuff so, it may not be earth shattering,,,,, but I will try to make it interesting.